The center aspires to reach by the scientific research in marine science and coastal development to the highest levels, locally, regionally and globally.   


The advancement of scientific research and take the advantage of it to increase knowledge, improve the local community, preserve of the sea and develop the fisheries.

Main Objectives:

Promote marine and coastal research understanding.

Developing human resource and build the capacities of  personnel.

- Provide advise and assigning in transfer new technology.

Tools to achieve Objectives:

Attract vital projects to promote the marine and coastal research.

Provide training and education programs to build the capacities of workers in various local institutions.

- Encourage many disciplines and networking in order to develop new ways of different techniques.

- Encourage collaboration between local, rgional and international academic institutions in order to improve the   research.

- Support the partnership between researchers, scientists, government and private agencies to create advanced   technologies.

- Transfer new technology to apply and develop it to suit local conditions.